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Boost T Lizer 

Made from ascophyllumnodosum, laminaria digitata and yucca, the Boost T Lizer provides your plants with 20 different amino-acids that are necessary to the chromosomes’ formation. It is also a rich source of natural growth hormones,it will nourish your plants and will improve their yield.

Terra a / b

Fred T. Lizer’s Terra fertilizer provides a concentrated and efficient new solution to fertilize your crops. Provided proprietary technologies like TNT and long lasting stabilizing pH, Terra fertilizer promotes a better absorption of water and nutrients. Minerals used in the manufacture of this fertilizer are medical grade, their assimilation rate is higher and it can be used in hard water (eg shallow wells, lake water, etc ...).


Elemental contains the benefits of 20 nutrients, 10 vitamins, 5 types of microorganisms and 20 amino acids that are all essential to the constitution of chromosomes. Essential for the development of cells, which constitutes all plants tissues (roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits). Acting as a powerful and natural catalyst for your fertilizer, Elemental keeps the ecosystem of your substrate active and well balanced.

PK Bloom

Equipped with the manufacturing reactor technology, Fred T. Lizer’s PK Bloom flowering and fruiting fertilizer is the most reactive of PK fertilizersSince plants easily absorb it, PK Bloom will help increase the metabolism of phosphorus and potassium to optimize the development of flowers and fruits. Available in liquid and powder form.

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