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Vitamin Institute - SUPERthrive - 4OZ


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SUPERthrive® - The Original Vitamin Solution

SUPERthrive® is a highly concentrated non-toxic vitamin solution invigorating all variety of greenery for home gardeners and professionals alike. It is equally suited for hydroponics, hydro-seeding, and foliar spraying.

SUPERthrive® maximizes potential by quickly building a strong root base and reducing transplant shock. SUPERthrive® replenishes soil and encourages the natural building blocks that plants make themselves under optimum conditions. Ideal when planting saplings or saving stressed, mature trees. SUPERthrive® is essential to maintain healthy landscaping, green turf, abundant edibles, and all trees. Kelp, newly added in 2013, integrates contemporary research with the existing nutrition provided by SUPERthrive® since 1940.


Growing and Maintenance: Studies have shown that adverse weather conditions and over-growing can diminish soil fertility. Superthrive encourages the natural hormones that plants normally make themselves under optimum conditions. It gives plants a better chance of achieving their full growth potential.

Transplanting: Transplanting can result in what's called transplant stress, which can negatively affect a tree's health through loss of leaves and damaged roots. Many trees that experience transplant stress eventually die. Use Superthrive before planting by soaking root balls and afterward by drenching to prevent and treat transplant shock and insure survival.

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Vitamin Institute - SUPERthrive - 4OZ

Vitamin Institute - SUPERthrive - 4OZ


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